About Us

Welcome to PEERS.....The Jeweller

Graham and Pru Peers, along with their son Nathan, daughters Katie and Natalie, dedicate their time and energy in providing a service that has become the envy of others, in addition a well-earned reputation for quality and style ensures that the PEERS family will always be recognised as being North Wales Premier jeweller.

A jewellers is a place where the dreams of many are brought to life.

Ever since the beginning of time, man has sort to achieve the impossible, desired, what others want, cherished the rare and beautiful. With never ending passion, determination and desire, the search goes on for the most elusive and precious symbols of love, wealth, style and success.

In the hands of those gifted, with skills honed over the years to perfection, and technological advancement, these tokens, symbols of man’s desire, prove to be even more powerful, and as such create opportunities from which we all can enjoy.

The opportunity to express ourselves in ways that at times say much more than words ever could, are now endless, and places in which our dreams can come true are indeed plentiful.

However not all places provide the perfect platform from which we can truly say the things we want to say.

Fabulous gifts that immortalise moments so precious, deserve to be housed in a place which can only be described as a treasure house of dreams come true, a place where the rare and beautiful sit side by side, in total harmony, and credibility, and in a way that allows the individuality of such things to stand out, and also in a way that allows the eyes to feel, the hands to touch, and the senses to tingle, but most of all the heart melt.

Such a place has to be equally fabulous as the very creations themselves, such works of art must be by birth a rightful place, and such a place is and must be in the hands of those with skills that can truly express in words that say, like you, what you see is very special, unique and in every way exquisite.

The imagination of all who gaze upon these things, should run wild with desire, the heart beat at a pace that drives you forward in your quest to possess the little things that mean so much, and say in words so silent that only the those who like you understand the true meanings within.

To display with artistic flare, such brilliant temptations, and individual interpretations of the goldsmith art, is in itself a gift which is shared, with one thing only in mind, to tickle and tease, to please, to dazzle and bewitch, with oodles of  promises to come, to weave a tapestry of dreams, touched by a magical spell, made more special with myriad of colours, and golden threads that hold the most wonderful gifts, which mother nature herself conceived millions of years ago, labors of love, tears of joy and laughter, heartache and a burning desire to present to all who appreciate the goldsmiths art and the creative possibilities of gemstone cutters determination to seduce and arouse the passions of man and woman, whose only wish is to have something that no one else can.

At PEERS, you can be sure, the creative artistic flare of the goldsmith, the incredible gift of the gemstone cutter and the complete conviction of the final piece is nowhere better exhibited than in their treasure house of dreams come true.

Over 40 years ago, Pru and Graham Peers made their wish, and today with all three of their children now working alongside them, and six grandchildren, waiting in the wings, have shown that dreams do come true, and dreams will live on, and on, as long as you believe in what you want and what you do.

Llandudno, the queen of welsh towns, is the place where the PEERS family live their dream, a town unlike any other in that it too is a place of dreams, people from all over the world have sat and gazed out to sea, from the balcony of their hotel room, or walked along the peaceful promenade, hand in hand, whilst in the background Snowdon looks down and whispers words that encourage the listener to stay awhile and reflect of the times gone and the times to be.

Often the sound of the sea and the wind in your hair, the sun or the rain leaves an indelible impression of a town still resting in the tranquility of the past, allowing you to savor the peace that can be found when walking without sound, or interruption of modern day activity that starves the imagination and erodes the tenderness that at times we all need.